Backed by Science and Powered by Nature!

Our All-Natural Hoof oil helps strengthen and harden the hoof from the inside out. Our carrier oils oils soothe and nourish the hoof and carry the essential oils inside so your horse's hooves will get stronger from the inside out. Our proprietary essential oil blend was formulated to target bacteria and fungus to quickly treat and prevent the infections that cause thrush and most other hoof born ailments and daily use will prevent reinfection. Doesn't sting, won't stain. Safe for humans too!

Safe to use daily! Brush on the outside of hoof wall to hydrate and nourish, prevent and grow out cracks. Pay special attention to the coronet band, to allow absorbtion of the oil inside the hoof. Use prior to bathing.

Paint on the sole and frog to treat and prevent Thrush and any other ick.


*Nelson's HINT: We flush hooves the Good Stuff spray prior to riding and then apply the Hoof Oil on the outer and under as part of our daily tack routine.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, MAVRIK Essential Oil Blend

All ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure compliance with the USEF, USHJA, and FEI banned substance lists.