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MAVRIK Hair, Coat & Scar Repair

MAVRIK equine

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MAVRIK Hair, Coat and Scar Repair is an All-Natural, essential oil based formula that kills bacteria and fungus, strengthens and nourishes hair follicles and increases circulation to promote healthy new hair growth, even on aged scars!

We tried everything on the market to repair our horse Nelson's scar and NOTHING worked! So when we were asked if we could create a formula to help manes, tales and scar hair grow, we accepted the Challenge!

We researched everything that can create hair loss and prevent growth, as well as what the skin and follicles really need to heal and grow hair. We blended carrier and essential oils that kill bacteria and fungus, increase circulation and promote hair growth.

We tried Hair, Coat & Scar repair on everything from the skimpiest manes and tails, to Nelson's 2 year old scar and it was INCREDIBLE! It worked so well, it even surprised us and smells LOVELY TOO!

Directions:Wipe area clean of any loose dirt and debri, and comb out any tangles. If treating a scar, wait until the wound is fully healed. Apply Hair, Coat & Scar Repair once daily, 

making sure to completely saturate skin at the treatment site. 

For manes and tails, separate the hair to ensure proper coatingat the skin, then comb through remaining area. Once hair has reached desired result, Hair, Coat & Scar Repair may be reapplied as needed. We suggest 1-2 times weekly to support strong hair and avoid breakage.


INGREDIENTS:Coconut oil, safflower oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, and our proprietary MAVRIK HairGro essential oil blend. 

All ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure compliance with the USEF,USHJA and FEI banned substance lists.

Product Size: 16 oz and 32 oz

Origin: USA